The J1939-84 Project on SourceForge

This project is an Open-Source (GPL) implementation of the SAE J1939-84 test specification. SAE J1939-84 is an SAE standard for testing heavy duty vehicles for compliance with CARB/EPA OBD mandates, built upon the J2534 Pass-Thru device API. If you don't know what any of that means, then it's a good bet that this software won't be useful to you.

The source code is in Subversion. Download Tortise SVN and check out

If you just want the executable, go to the J1939-84 Project Page and click on the big green 'Download' button. We will periodically release compiled snapshots of the SVN repository. You will need a J2534 Pass-Thru device and a heavy duty OBD (J1939) vehicle. It does not work with J1708 trucks. After running, there will be a .log file that contains a log of everything that happened. The log file is extremely useful for troubleshooting purposes.

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